Enterprise cloud and dedicated servers

Designed for performance utilizing enterprise quality Hewlett Packard servers stacked with dual 5600 series CPUs, 48GB of RAM, and RAID 10 disk subsystem. No bandwidth throttling and one of the best peered networks in Silicon Valley, CA. No cloud filesystems and dedicated local disk space (no sparse files). Designed for performance, flexibility, and operational excellence. Please see our minimum commits below!


  • Minimum MRC commited
  • 10 Instances
  • 20 Volumes
  • 20 Snapshots
  • 4 Templates
  • AWS Compatible API
  • Month to Month Contract


  • Minimum MRC commited
  • 40 Instances
  • 80 Volumes
  • 80 Snapshots
  • 16 Templates
  • AWS Compatible API
  • 1 year Contract

For larger capacities please contact us!


1 vCPU 1 GB Memory1 vCPU 1.75 GB Memory2 vCPU 3.5 GB Memory4 vCPU 3.5 GB Memory4 vCPU 7 GB Memory4 vCPU 14 GB Memory8 vCPU 28 GB Memory
25GB drive$.03/hr $21.88/mo$.045/hr $32.82/mo$.075/hr $54.69/mo$.105/hr $76.57/mo$.135/hr $98.44/mo$.255/hr $185.94/mo$.495/hr $360.94/mo
50GB drive$.045/hr $32.82/mo$.06/hr $43.75/mo$.09/hr $65.63/mo$.12/hr $87.50/mo$.15/hr $109.38/mo$.27/hr $196.88/mo$.51/hr $371.88/mo
100GB drive$.075/hr $54.69/mo$.09/hr $65.63/mo$.12/hr $87.50/mo$.15/hr $109.38/mo$.18/hr $131.25/mo$.30/hr $218.75/mo$.54/hr $393.75/mo
200GB drive$.135/hr $98.44/mo$.15/hr $109.38/mo$.18/hr $131.25/mo$.21/hr $153.13/mo$.24/hr $175.00/mo$.36/hr $262.50/mo$.60/hr $437.50/mo
400GB drive$.255/hr $185.94/mo$.27/hr $196.88/mo$.30/hr $218.75/mo$.33/hr $240.63/mo$.36/hr $262.50/mo$.48/hr $350.00/mo$.72/hr $525.00/mo

Additional disk (1 per Instance)

$.015/hr $10.94/mo$.03/hr $21.88/mo$.06/hr $43.75/mo$.12/hr $87.50/mo$.24/hr $175.00/mo